Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July Ice Painting

I found this cute idea for 4th of July Ice Painting on and the great thing was everything she used for this project I already had at home so I didn't need to go out and buy anything.

All you have to do is fill a Star ice cube tray (I found mine at Dollar Tree) with red, white, and blue tempera paint. Then cover the tray with plastic wrap and stick toothpicks in the middle of the stars with paint. Then put them in the freezer to freeze overnight.

Once they are frozen they pop out easy  from the tray. (The tray I got was a rubber tray which helps with taking the frozen paint out)

I gave both my girls one of each color and also color paper to paint on.

The paint went on the paper so smooth and because it was frozen it gave the paintings an old fashion oil painting effect which was pretty.

The girls enjoyed this because it was a different way to paint and also because since it was Summer and hot the ice painting was melting as they went to create different kind of drawings. My oldest ask if she could mix the colors to create new colors once the paint was melting and I said yes and she taught her little sister what two colors make up another color. Also once the paint melted and didn't stay on the stick anymore my oldest said we can just finger paint and use our fingers to make the drawings.  I loved that because this project started out painting one way but my oldest not only turn it into a learning colors lesson but also adapted new ways to use the paint once it melted. This was a GREAT sensory project that was fun and also become a learning activity!
Thank you for the idea

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