Saturday, February 28, 2015

Organized Snack Cabinet

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Hi everyone! So today I wanted to share with you how I created an "ORGANIZED SNACK CABINET" in my house. I have had this SNACK CABINET set up for about five years now in my house and it works great! Having a designated and ORGANIZED space to house all our SNACKS makes packing lunches easier and the kiddos are able to get their own PREPACKED SNACKS by themselves.

I got this cabinet from Target awhile back and it was the perfect space to house all the snacks. 

These are the bins I used to ORGANIZE the SNACK CABINET and you can get them at DOLLAR TREE. They have all sorts of colors for these bins.

Here is how the cabinet looks on the inside. I know it looks like a lot of JUNK FOOD but we really don't eat a lot of these SNACKS in one sitting. I have a lot of these SNACKS because I do coupon so I do stock up on our SNACKS when I get a good price on them and keep them in here.

The first shelf is where we have our protein bars, granola bars, breakfast bars, and poptarts. I keep the poptarts in the SNACK CABINET because my girls like to eat them more as a dessert than for breakfast. I used my label maker with the clear label tape to label the bins.

The second shelf is where we keep prepacked dry cereal bags, cookies, crackers, nuts, and desserts. I also have a bin that is labeled misc. for when we a have a certain snack that does not fall into any of these other categories.

On the third shelf is where we keep the chips, popcorn, and another bin (labeled misc.) that we keep beef jerky bags and sunflower seeds bag in.

The last shelf is where we keep our candy and fruit snacks. The girls get candy from Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and parties and we put them into these bins for them to eat little by little instead all in one sitting LOL.

I hope this post helps some of you or gave you some ideas on how to ORGANIZE your SNACKS or even giving you ideas on how to ORGANIZE other things in your house with this method. Also remember you don't have to spend much to get ORGANIZE because I found all these bins that fit perfectly all at DOLLAR TREE. You don't even need to buy the cabinet that I used from Target, you can do this same ORGANIZATION idea in a part of your own pantry or cabinet in your kitchen. What are some ways you organize your SNACKS? Leave me your comments below. I love to read new ideas from others! :-)



  1. I really love those extra wide bins you have on top! Unfortunately, Dollar Tree isn't selling those right now, but limited stores do still have the bins you show on the bottom half. They come in green, red, and blue.

    1. Yes I have learned if I see something at Dollar Tree that I want I need to get them right then because you never know with Dollar Tree! LOL They will have things and then not have them so I just grab it quick if I want it! LOL

  2. Hey fellow blogger! I love the cabinet idea. I also love the setup of your blog. I can't figure out how to get those category selection tabs at the top of my page. Tips please.

    1. Hi are you taking about the tabs I have the categories in? Most of the things I did for my blog I did a lot and I mean a lot of google and youtube searches on how to created my page. Just type in what you want to do with your page and make sure to say it is for blogspot or whatever blog host you use and you will find step by step and cut and paste instructions for everything. I will say that it takes time to find and design your page but it will be worth it! I hope that helps you and leave me your webpage link when you are done so I can visit you page! :-)

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  4. I have all of these bins from a failed attempt to transform a couple shelves in my pantry. I like the idea of a totally separate cabinet.