Saturday, March 14, 2015

Trash to Treasure Shelf Makeover

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Hello everyone!! I wanted to share with you today another TRASH TO TREASURE SHELF MAKEOVER that I did to a shelf that someone was throwing away. I know that some people might think I am crazy for taking things that people throw away, but sometimes people throw away things that are in good condition or just need a little touch up to make it BEAUTIFUL and FUNCTIONAL again. So when I saw this metal shelf being thrown away I knew I could fix it and use it in my house for storage.

Beside adding some more screws for support the main thing I wanted to do for this shelf was to cover up those ugly rust stains. At first I was just going to spray paint the whole shelf and that was it but then I decide not to because I would still feel the roughness of the rust under the paint. Also some of the shelves were bent so I wanted to create a smooth surface for the shelves.

So my end decision was to use some FOAM BOARD and BEAUTIFUL CONTACT PAPER which I got  at DOLLAR TREE for a dollar each! If you have seen my other post and projects you know I LOVE getting things from DOLLAR TREE!

First I measured out the lengths of the shelves and cut the FOAM BOARD to the lengths of the shelves and placed them on top of shelf.

Then I measured out and cut the contact paper the length of the shelf and a little more so that the contact paper would stick and cover the front of the shelf.

I continued with all the rest of the shelves.

Now I have a BEAUTIFUL rust free UPDATED MAKEOVER SHELF!  I LOVE how this project came out and cost me very little to make over! Stay tune to my next post which will be on ORGANIZING THE PANTRY and yes I will be using this new updated shelf to ORGANIZE THE PANTRY!


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