Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY Pretty Baskets (Ramen Noodle Boxes)

I am trying to get things organize in my house and when I organize things I try to use things I have at home first before I go out and buy something. Bri LOVES ramen (most kids do) and so I always have a lot of these boxes so when I started organizing I figured these would make cute baskets for my craft room.

I had some Pink wrapping paper at home left over from another project so I decided to use that paper plus my craft room colors are pink, green, and black so it was perfect.

I measured out the wrapping paper around the box just like I would do if I was wrapping a gift.

Now because I wanted to make this box a basket I wanted to wrap the paper differently than I would a present so that there are no folds showing. I found this post on Pinterest title Fabric wrapped Shoe Boxes where someone shows how you can cut and fold the wrapping paper so that there will be no folds. Evan though the blog was in another language I was able to figure out to do it by the pictures on the post. After you cut your paper to size, in each corner draw dotted and solid lines just like the picture above.

Where the X is at that is the part you will cut out.

Fold at the top dotted line and tape down.

Do the same thing to the other side.

Then tape down the inside.

 Then you fold at the bottom dotted lines on both sides.

Then I doubled tape the inside of the box so that when I put things in the inside it won't rip the paper.

I wanted to make it a little prettier so I added some decorative tape to the top all around the baskets.

And of course I had to add a label. I label EVERYTHING!! LOL I just have to.

I made three of them.

And I think they look cute and are great FREE storage for my craft room!

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