Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mini Travel Toy Boxes

With a lot of us traveling this summer the one thing that parents mostly think about when traveling is how to entertain the kiddos!! In my car I am lucky enough to have portal DVD player for my girls to watch movies and they also have leapsters to play with but even with those gadgets kids get bored quick. Plus kids love to imagine, create, and play so they need other things beside electronics to entertain themselves. So to keep my girls entertain on long car rides or plane rides I made them their own "Mini Travel Toy Boxes".

Old baby wipe boxes are great to use as "MINI TRAVEL TOY BOXES" because they are sturdy and free!

You could just used the boxes as they are but I wanted to make it prettier for my girls! When I reuse something I always like to dress it up to make it look better. I just used Rustoleum Spray paint in the colors I wanted and once they were dry I spray painted two coats of Clear spray paint to protect the color paint from scratches that the girls might add to them later.

I then took some letter stickers and put my girls name on the boxes so that each of them had their "OWN" MINI TRAVEL TOY BOX which will also prevent fighting over toys when traveling! LOL

I then gave the boxes to my girls and told them to fill the box with their favorite little toys. I also included some crayons and a little notebook for them to draw or play games with. I didn't spray paint the inside because why waste paint on a part no one sees! LOL 

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