Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Fun Experiment (Magic Potion Lab)

Today I wanted to have some science fun with the girls so I created a "Magic Potion Lab" for them and let them mix and play to create any creation they wanted.

First I took some old bottles and filled them half way with vinegar and then colored them with food coloring.

Then I filled some bowls with baking soda and glitter.

For the "Magic Potion Lab" set up I brought out all the materials I prepared, dish soap, two more bottles and funnels. Notice that we are outside because I was not going to do this project inside with the kiddos LOL.

I also had two dish pans near by one filled with water and the other empty so the girls could pour out their creations, rinse and make new ones.

Then I invited them to play and create!!

And the eruptions began!!

They had so much fun with this science activity that they played almost an hour and did not want to stop playing when it was time for lunch!!

And this is the end result and why I did this project outside LOL but they had fun so that is all that matters.

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