Monday, November 23, 2015

Elf on the Shelf

December is almost here and that means it is that time again to get CREATIVE with our "Elf on the Shelf" ideas. Here are some of the ideas I came up with in past years for our Elf "Bella". I shared all these ideas everyday on my Facebook page with a little saying with the pictures to explain what Bella did every day. Below I have posted pictures of the ideas but also under the picture, I posted what I wrote to go with the picture on my Facebook page every day when I shared Bella's Adventures with everyone.

First, here are some ideas of "Welcome Back Breakfasts" I did with our Elf "Bella" when she returns to our house on December 1 of every year.

December 1 2012, the First Advent Calendar treat the girls got a clue to go to the kitchen where they found a "NORTH POLE BREAKFAST" (doughnuts covered in North pole snow, mini snowballs, and hot chocolate) where they meet their "Elf on the Shelf" for the first time. 

The girls named their "ELF ON THE SHELF" Bella and on the Shelf she went.

The next year Bella brought Cinnamon rolls and a Naughty and Nice chart to track how the girls were behaving that year.

 Our Elf "Bella" return to our house the next year bringing some treats for a North Pole Breakfast (doughnuts covered in north pole snow and marshmallow for hot cocoa).

Below are some ideas and stories behind them that I posted on Facebook on each morning that my girls found Bella.

I see Bella got into my Q-tips to make snowflakes this morning!

Bella surprised Ari this morning by hiding on the top of the curtain. Ari sleeps on the top bunk so when she woke up she saw Bella staring at her LOL

I am guessing Bella had a "SLUMBER PARTY" last night with the Monsters High dolls! They even used Ari's SOCKS as sleeping bags! LOL

It looks like some board game fun took place at my house last night with Bella and the stuffed animals!

The girls were excited to see that Bella made them Breakfast this morning! But she only wanted them to have the Christmas colors LOL

The girls had a hard time finding Bella this morning but they finally did! Ari was scared that Bella would fall and get hurt so she told me to hurry and get her down! She loves her elf! Love the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes! 

I think Bella had a movie night last night with the Teddy Bear while we slept! LOL 

Bella misses the girls when they go to school so this morning she tried to trap them in their room! LOL

What goes on in my house at night? I think Bella was racing with the other toys last night! LOL oh Bella

So I guess Bella over heard us talking about Ari being in the Christmas parade for girl scouts today and she decide to create her own parade with the toys last night! 

So I guess with the weather dropping Bella wanted to bring some of that cold weather inside and have a snowball fight with the sock snowman! LOL 

I guess Bella heard me saying I am starting my workout routine back today since I had to take a break after my surgery. She got my equipment out and I think she was doing some yoga poses when I found her! She was probably working off those Christmas cookies! LOL

I guess Bella knew we were in a rush this morning since I overslept and got the girls tooth brushes ready. Thanx Bella that workout yesterday must have really tired me out! LOL 

So for today's ADVENT CALENDAR activity me and the girls are going to make ELF THUMBPRINT COOKIES and I guess Bella knew and wanted to help! So nice of you Bella!

I think Bella was trying to make it harder for the girls to find her but Ari found her fast! LOL

So I guess Bella was trying to let us know that she wanted some pictures of herself in our house so she took out all my old pictures and replaced them with pictures of herself! LOL Ok Bella hint taken!

So I am guessing Bella heard me saying that I was going to take her pictures out the frames and put back my old ones because she decided to draw faces on my other picture frame! Oh Bella

I guess Bella got into the cookies we made yesterday! Hope she saved some to give to our friends!

So I walk into the girls bathroom and see what I THOUGHT were tiny Mud footprints that led to the bathtub but when I got to the bathtub I found Bella's skirt on the floor and Bella in the shower with this note and realized that was not mud footprint! I am glad you cleaned yourself up Bella but ummmmm who is going to clean up this mess!!!! LOL

What the?????? Oh no!! Ok Bella you can mess with my picture frames and mess up my bathroom but RULE #1 in this house is you DO NOT take my morning COFFEE! We are going to have a little talk! LOL 

So I guess Bella got worried that so many people are getting sick lately that she had Doc McStuffin give all the stuffed animals a check up and I think Bella was the nurse with that clipboard in her hand! LOL So nice of you Bella! 

I am guessing someone was trying to make smores last night with a tooth pick and small marshmellows! LOL

Someone found my E.L.F Cosmetics and I guess thought it was made for her! LOL ummmm who are you getting pretty for Bella???? 

Woke up this morning and found my jewelry and heels all over the floor. I follow the trail of mess and found Bella looking in the mirror with my heels and jewelry on! Ok Bella you were putting on Make up yesterday and today trying on my things who are you getting dress dress up for?

I knew Bella was getting ready for something she had a date with Ken! Don't know how Barbie will feel about this! LOL

I guess Bella knew I was going to start my Pre baking for Christmas Eve dinner so she got the flour out for me BUT got distracted and started making a "FLOUR ANGEL" LOL Oh Bella!

I guess Bella is a BAMA fan because we found her this morning in Jammie's MAN CAVE watching sports with her Jersey on LOL 

The weather got REALLY COLD here yesterday and I think it made Bella SICK! Poor thing we found her this morning in the dollhouse bed with tissues on the floor and medicine!

So I am guessing since Bella was sick yesterday she had Doc Mc Stuffin give all the dolls and stuffed animals check ups this morning and I think Bella is the nurse. LOL So nice of you Bella!

I am guessing everyone is feeling better today because they decided to have a "sack race" in my craft room!!! I think Bella is going to win!

We found Bella at my Vanity this morning in my make up! Wonder who she is trying to get pretty for!!! LOL

Now I know why Bella was in my make up yesterday she was getting ready for a "Movie Date" with Ken! Barbie is not going to like this! LOL

I guess Bella wanted to have a snowball fight!

I guess Bella wanted the girls to really look for her this morning because she decided to hid in the Christmas tree this time.

I am guessing Bella really wants the girls to look for her in the mornings because she tried to hide again under the tree with the nativity figurines!!!

Someone had a sweet tooth last night! Jammie was not happy this morning because it was his candy that Bella was eating!!! You don't TOUCH Jammie's candy LOL

It took the girls a while to find Bella this morning I guess she wants to make it a little harder to find her in the mornings but the girls finally found her! Can you spot where Bella is in this picture? 

I guess Bella knew I had some "GREEN GRINCH" activities planned for the girls today so she helped out by turning the milk green!!!!

I guess Bella wanted to warm up from being in the fridge yesterday with the green milk so she decide to take a BUBBLE bath in the dolls house!! LOL

So those are all the ideas have done so far in the past three years with our Elf Bella. I hope this post gave you some ideas to do with your Elf on the Shelf. 



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