Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Valentine's Day Heart Theme Pattern Practice

Hello Everyone! So I know we are still in January but I wanted to share with you some VALENTINE'S DAY  HEART THEME PATTERN PRACTICE activity that I did with Bri when I used to teach her at home during PRE-K and PRESCHOOL time. I always like to change up LEARNING ACTIVITIES to fit the HOLIDAY THEMES because I feel it keeps the kiddos interested in LEARNING when LEARNING ACTIVITIES change up and go with different themes. Bri enjoyed this learning activity and it didn't cost much or take to much time to set up.

All of my materials came from DOLLAR TREE. The HEART shape buttons I found in the craft section and the ice cube tray I found in the the kitchen section of DOLLAR TREE. I made the grid pattern paper myself on Microsoft Word by creating a table and change up the size the of the squares so that the squares would be a little bit of a bigger size then the HEART buttons.

If you can not find the HEART shape buttons then you could also use these HEART candies that are also at DOLLAR TREE.

First I put all the buttons in this HEART shape tray that I also found at DOLLAR TREE. Before we started on PATTERN PRACTICE, I asked Bri to separate the HEART shape buttons by COLOR so that we could also practice COLOR RECOGNITION.  

After Bri was done separating the colors we then started on our PATTERN PRACTICE.

I began the lesson by creating a basic pattern and then asked Bri what is the pattern that she notices on the first line. Once she told me the right pattern, I then told her to finish the pattern herself to the end of the row.

I did the same thing with the next few lines.

The last few rows I let her CREATE her own patterns and as you can see by the picture some were not exactly a pattern LOL but I let her explore and then we cleared the sheet and began again.

This was a cheap, simple, and easy LEARNING ACTIVITY to set up that my child was interested in and had fun while she was learning which are all things that I love in a LEARNING ACTIVITY. Leave me a comment below about some of your favorite VALENTINE'S DAY HEART THEME activities that you like to do with your kiddos.



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