Thursday, December 8, 2016

How I created a Family Command Center to keep my Home and Family ORGANIZED

Hi everyone I know I haven't posted any new things in my blog for awhile but that is because me and my family have moved and bought a new house and that is stressful in itself. Plus I had so many projects to do in this new house that has kept me busy. One of these projects is what I wanted to share with you today and that is our FAMILY COMMAND CENTER. I have wanted to make a command center in my home for awhile now and I finally decide what me and my family needed in a command center  and create one. So this is how I created a FAMILY COMMAND CENTER in my home. I have to apologies in advance for the pictures below some might be blurry because my camera was not acting right that day.

Here is an overview of our FAMILY COMMAND CENTER. It is set up on a wall in my entryway so that me and my family can see it when we come and go from the home. The color theme in my living room and kitchen are grey and white with bright accent colors of blues and yellows so I wanted my FAMILY COMMAND CENTER to be blues and yellows to go with my color themes. Having a FAMILY COMMAND CENTER in the home really helps to keep things organize and also have the members in the family work as a team to run the home.

At the top of my FAMILY COMMAND CENTER I have our family name in blue and yellow. I got the letters and the family sign at Walmart and just used some craft paint from Walmart to paint them to go with my color theme.  I wanted the family sign to look different so I put it slanted on purpose to look different from the Daniels letters.

The main part of my FAMILY COMMAND CENTER is the calendar itself. I wanted a BIG dry erase board so I got the biggest one I could find at Walmart. I wanted a big one because for one it makes what is on the calendar itself easier to read and also because it makes it easier to write on with the dry erase markers. The calendar did not come with the month titles or the calendar day numbers so I created my own in Microsoft Word and printed them out on blue paper, laminated them, and attached magnets to them. Since every year the months will be the same and also the number of the days, I wanted something that was already created so I can just switch them out every month instead of writing the same thing over and over again. I also like that the number days are different from the writing of events on the calendar so that they don't get over looked because they look the same. I used the dry erase marker to write down all the events or due dates. I like to color code my events and due dates to make things more organize on my calendar. Any appointments I write in Blue, bill due dates, are in Red, school activities are in Orange, family events or activities or in Pink, and extra curricular activities are in Purple. If you write different events all the same color on the calendar, you might over look an event or due dates because you read another in that same day and over looked it.

On the top left side next to our calendar is where I have our Weekly Menu placed. I created this Weekly Menu template in Microsoft Word and put it in this Dollar Tree picture frame that I painted yellow to go with the color theme. By putting this menu printable in a picture frame it makes it able to use dry erase markers to write on it and then be able to erase it and write on it over and over again for the following weeks. I have a weekly menu in my command center because it lets everyone know what we are having, helps me meal plan in advance, helps the girls know what to pack for lunch the next day, and it also helps me know what meat or item I need to take out for the meal for the next day.

Below our Weekly Menu I have my daughter's Ariana Chores Checklist. I will go more into detail on how I have my daughters complete their chores in another post. I also created this template in Microsoft Word and put it in Dollar Tree picture frame that I painted yellow. 

On the top right side of our calendar is a place where I have so we can write notes to each other or any notes we need to write down. I have a blues dot drawn on there write now because my camera would not take the picture unless it focus on something so I had to draw a dot so it could focus on something lol sorry. I also created this template in Microsoft Word and put it in a Dollar Tree picture frame that I painted yellow as well.

Below where I have the Notes area I have my youngest Briana's Chore Checklist.

Below the calendar I have these boxes that I created out of cereal boxes. I just cut the cereal boxes to the sizes that I wanted, wrapped it in wrapping paper and labeled the boxes with some card stock paper. The reason for these boxes is to keep all the flyers and papers of the activities and events that me and my family go too. I only like to put the dates and times of events or activities that we go to on the calendar and not put too much information on the calendar so I don't overcrowd it, so because of this I like to keep the flyers and papers with all the information about an event or activity close by the calendar in these boxes. The small boxes above the larger ones hold our chore cards. Our chore cards are cards that have chores broken down step by step on what to do with our chores. The cards are laminated so when we complete a task we can use a dry erase marker to check off the task. Once all the the task are completed the cards return back here. I will go more into detail in another post on how I organize how my girls and I do our chores but I like to keep the cards here in our command center so they don't get lost.

So that is our FAMILY COMMAND CENTER. I hope I gave you guys some ideas on how to create one in your home. If you have any ideas on creating a command center please leave a comment down below I would LOVE to read about your ideas. Also check out my youtube channel where I have a video on this FAMILY COMMAND CENTER on there and don't forget to Subscribe for future videos.



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