Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cereal Box Paper Organizers

Hello Everyone it is time to get organized. Anyone who knows me knows that I like things organized and I actually LOVE to organize! Yes I know I am weird but I do like to organize messes it relax me some how and I find fun in it LOL. I needed to get some papers organized in my craft room so I decide to make these organizers I saw on my beloved Pinterest out of cereal boxes. I love it when I can take something I already have and use it for something else. Less waste and saves me money.

So first of course you need an empty cereal box ( I recommend a big family size cereal box because they can hold any size paper and magazine) and some wrapping paper or contact paper.

Cut the flaps on top and down the sides leaving a piece for the base.


Then cut at an angle from the base piece you left to the top of the box on both sides.

Then wrap and tape.

I then made some cute labels on my computer because you know I love to label things.

If you want to make the ones that can stack up on top of each other you are going to need two large cereal boxes and tape down the flaps on top and bottom. The cut out one side of the box.

Then wrap them with the wrapping paper.

Then stack them on top of each other and staple them together.

I didn't like how they look on the inside so I glued some black construction inside of it.

I didn't want the weight of the top section to bend the bottom section so I added a piece of foam board to the inside of the top tray.

I use one by my printer to organize my printer paper and photo paper.

Also one by my Laminator to hold my lamination paper.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please pin or like it.
Also leave me a comment on some things that you re use to organize your house. I love sharing ideas with each other.

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