Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Foam Board + Wrapping Paper + Push Pins = Wall Art Jewelry Organizer

Hi everyone so today I wanted to share with you another DIY organizational idea that I made to organize my necklaces. Just like with my DIY paper towel roll jewelry holder (click on the title to take you to that post) that I made for my bracelets and watches I wanted to make something that was pretty, cheap, and make it to wear I can see my jewelry easily when I am deciding what to wear.  The good thing about this project was it only cost me less than $5 to make two and all the materials I found at Dollar Tree. Also this project wasn't only a way to organize my jewelry but also added a little wall art to my bedroom.

The materials I used were foam board, wrapping paper, push pins, paper clips and glue gun.

First I wrapped the foam board with the wrapping paper.

Then I took a push pin and stuck it into the upper left corner of the foam board.

Now because the foam board is thinner than the push pin in the back you with notice that the point is stick out.

To fix that and also to secure the push pin into place I put hot glue on top of the point let it dry and put some more hot glue on top of the that glue to make two layer of glue. By doing this you will secure the push pin in place and there with be no point stick out the back.

Then repeat the steps with more push pin until you have push pins going across the top of the board.
After that I glued two paper clips to the back of the foam board to be able to hang it on the wall. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the paper clips in the back.

I have one organizer on the right side of my bed for my jewelry.

I have the second organizer on the left side of the bed for my hubby's long chains.

You could also use fabric instead of wrapping paper like I did here for my shorter necklaces.

 I like it when I can get things organize and make it look pretty as well. Also I love that this did not cost my a lot to make because Jewelry organizer at the store can cost way more.

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