Thursday, August 7, 2014

Homework Station Cart

It is Back to School Time for most of us and for some it is coming up in the next few weeks so it is time to get back into a school routine for the kiddos. One way to get organize for the kiddos and yourself is to create a "HOMEWORK STATION CART" so the kiddos can have all their materials and weekly assignments in one place that can move to what ever table they are working on. Here is how I organized my "HOMEWORK STATION CART" for my girls.

I got this drawer cart at Wal-mart. The top of the cart is for my girls to place all the papers that I need to see and sign from school.

The first drawer is for my oldest Ariana and it has a basket of supplies that she will need (pencils, scissor, glue stick, eraser, ruler and tape) to complete her homework assignments. Also I have five file folders labeled with the days of the week to put her daily homework assignments in.

The second drawer is for my youngest Briana and has the same things as the top drawer.

The third drawer is the "Craft" drawer where I am going to have a daily art or craft project for the girls to do once they finish their homework and wait for the other sister to finish their homework. I also put file folders in there to separate the daily craft and a basket to hold any materials we need for the project.

The next to drawers are for other supplies that the girls might need.

The last drawer is for the different kinds of paper that the girls might need for homework.

This will help us keep things nice, clean, and organized. Also I won't miss any papers that I need to see and sign for school.

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