Thursday, September 25, 2014


We are still doing some APPLE THEME FUN things for SEPTEMBER and this past weekend we did some more Activities that my girls of coursed LOVED!!

First activity we did was make "APPLE VOLCANOES". I had seen this idea all over PINTEREST  and couldn't wait to try it with my girls! My  girls of course LOVE to do ERUPTING EXPERIMENTS and this activity had that idea plus it uses APPLES to go with our theme. Win Win

To give this activity a sensory feel I decide to add APPLE PIE SPICE to the baking soda so the girls could smell the scent of APPLE PIE while they do their activity.

Also in keeping with the APPLE THEME I made the vinegar green with food coloring and also added APPLE scented hand soap to it (which will create more bubbles too).

Next I cored out a a little bit of the APPLE to make it into a VOLCANO!!

I set up all the materials the girls will need on a tray so that the "lava" will be contain in the tray.

The girls added the baking soda to the APPLE and notice the scent of APPLE PIE!!

Then it was time to add the green APPLE scented Vinegar.

And the eruption began!!

Bri was so excited about this activity that she did it over and over again!

Next I made APPLE PIE SPICE CLOUD DOUGH. Cloud Dough recipe itself take only two ingredients to make it 8 cups of Flour and 1 cup of baby oil ( if you want to make it kid safe for little ones you can replace the baby oil with any cooking oil). To make the cloud dough have a APPLE theme to it I just added APPLE PIE SPICE to the cloud dough to give it the scent.

Next I added measuring spoons and cups. Also I added little pom poms (to be APPLES) and little red pie plates so they can make mini APPLE PIES!

Here is Bri's little APPLE PIE! She was so busy creating she got flour on her forehead!! LOL

Here is the after math of creating LOL

Next I cut up some APPLES and set up the table for the girls to do some APPLE painting.

After the paint dried the girls cut out their APPLE print shapes and made an APPLE wreath by gluing the APPLES prints a paper plate.

Me and my girls are loving all these APPLE activities! We just LOVE the FALL!!

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  1. This apple theme fun is really great. Will try this with my nephew who has started going to one of top reputed Phoenix kindergarten. He will surly love it. Will have this apple volcanoes activity included as it looks very interesting.