Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Decor Ideas

FALL is here and it is time to decorate. I LOVE the FALL it is my favorite time of the year and I love to decorate for it! Here are some ideas to decorate your house for FALL with things I bought at Dollar Tree and Wal-mart.

For my front door I just took some Foam board and a bag of fake leaves (or you can use real leaves) that I got from Dollar Tree to make this letter D wreath. I just cut the foam board in the shape of a D (it doesn't have to be perfect because the the leave are not perfect) and glued the fake leaves on it with Mod Podge glue.

Next to my door is my PUMPKIN tree that I made with things I got at Dollar Tree. I took the little pot at the bottom and put out last name "The Daniels" on it with letter stickers. Then I took a ziplock bag and filled it with sand and taped it to the inside bottom of the pot so the PUMPKIN tree wouldn't move with the wind. Then I taped green foam on top of the sand bag poked the leaves into the green foam to stay in place. Then I bend the leave out over the rim of the pot. Then I put our family's names on the four foam PUMPKINS and connected them together with skewers sticks (the sticks you use for grilling). Then I took another skewers sticks and connect the bottom PUMPKIN to the green foam that is in the pot. Last I made a bow out of ribbon and glued it to the top.

I took some leaves garland wrapped it around the porch.

I also hung some more leaves, HARVEST sign, and a wire PUMPKIN. All from Dollar Tree.

In front of my porch I made a little PUMPKIN patch with foam PUMPKINS and SCARECROWS. All from Dollar Tree.

Inside in my living room I took a leaf wreath and put it on the table and placed a PUMPKIN candy dish in the middle of it. I got both of these from Wal-mart when they went 50% off after the Holidays.

Also in my living room I made this PUMPKIN bouquet go here Dollar Tree Pumpkin Bouquet to see how to make it.

I took some fake PUMPKINS (that I got 50% off at Michael's) and made vines out of black puff paint. Then I took brown wine glasses and filled them with little red/green APPLES and turn them over to created candle holders. Then I tied a bow around the wine glasses.

These are some more Dollar Tree items that I use in my dining room.

There it is my FALL DECOR IDEAS. What have you use to decorate your house?

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