Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Bouquet

I love it when I can take an idea I saw on pinterest and make it with Dollar Items. I am all about saving money and finding the cheapest way to do things. When I saw all this pictures of Pumpkin Bouquets on Pinterest and at Michael's I knew I wanted to make them but not how it was shown. Some people use real pumpkin and gut out the inside and put real or fake flowers but that will only last you so long. Other have got the fake pumpkins at Michael's or Hobby Lobby and used a saw or other tool to open the pumpkin but those pumpkin are not cheap and to stick the flower in there to stay was not as easy. So when I saw these Styrofoam pumpkin at the Dollar Tree I knew they would be perfect because all you have to do is stick the flower in the pumpkin and they stay. SO EASY!!!


  • One Styrofoam pumpkin (Dollar Tree)
  • Three fall colors (red, orange, yellow) flower bouquet (Dollar Tree)
  • Wire cutter (also at dollar tree)
This craft is so easy all you do is use the wire cutter to cut the flowers and then start poking the stem through the pumpkin. Arrange the flowers any way you want.

Then you have a Beautiful Pumpkin Bouquet!

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