Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day: Heart Gems Counting

Since we are in the month of FEBRUARY I have started to do VALENTINE'S DAY THEME LEARNING ACTIVITIES with my youngest. Even though she is in KINDERGARTEN now I still like to do NUMBER and LETTER RECOGNITION ACTIVITIES with her after school. This VALENTINE'S DAY: HEART GEMS COUNTING is a MATH COUNTING ACTIVITY that Bri loved to do last year when I was teaching her PRE-K LEARNING ACTIVITIES at home and so I brought it out again this year. Everything that you need for this ACTIVITY can be bought at DOLLAR TREE.

The HEART GEMS come in a bag like this and it is in the VALENTINE'S section.

Also in the VALENTINE'S section I found these two HEART shaped trays and put the HEART GEMS in them.

The ice cube tray you may have at home already but if not you can purchase one at DOLLAR TREE and they come two for a dollar. I then just took a SHARPIE black marker and wrote the numbers 1-14 on the inside bottom of the ice cube tray. I set up all the materials just like the picture above.

I asked Bri to tell me the number and then count out the HEART GEMS that went with that number. What was also great about this COUNTING ACTIVITY was that since we had two colors Bri decided she wanted to make a pattern with the colors so we also worked on patterns with this ACTIVITY as well.

This is a quick, easy, and fun MATH ACTIVITY to set up for your little ones. Let me know in the comments below any of your favorite or fun VALENTINE'S DAY MATH LEARNING ACTIVITY!



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