Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day Sensory Box with Dollar Tree Items

I love making different kinds of Sensory Boxes to go with themes or the Holiday seasons for my girls. Sensory boxes are great things to make for your kiddos because not only will they have fun with them but it also helps them with their FINE MOTOR SKILLS in their hands that will help them with writing with a pencil or cutting with scissors when they go to school. By pouring and scooping things up in this sensory box, children work the muscle in their hands to help them in the future in school. I wanted to share with you  guys a Valentine's Day Sensory Box that I created for my girls with Dollar Tree Items.

The materials I used was a plastic tub, dry uncooked rice (but you can use white dry beans as well), heart measuring cups, and some Valentine's Day items. All the items pictured above I got at Dollar Tree.

I poured the rice first and then added the items I purchase at dollar tree.

I found some red plastic cups that I had and added it to the sensory box to go with the Valentine's Day theme. I also put in the heart gems and buried some in the rice so that Bri could explore to find them.

Then I let Bri have fun and explore with it. I did add some alphabet magnets one day to the sensory box and as she found them in the rice, I would ask her what letter it was and the sound it makes to practice letter recognition. Another day we practiced counting by counting the heart gems every time she put some in a cup. This sensory box not only helps with fine motor skills but it can be adapted in so many ways to teach other things as well to your kiddos.

What are some fun Valentine's Day theme learning activities do you do with your kiddos? Let me know in the comments below. 

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