Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY "Bling Vases"

I saw this idea for these vases all over Pinterest for Wedding Décor and I knew I wanted to create them myself for my house. Now these vases are easy to make but do take time to make and you need a lot of Jewels or Gems for them so I suggest if you make these make them when you can find the Jewels or Gems on sale. Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby always have good sales.

I got my vases (of course) at Dollar Tree and the Jewels at Wal-mart and Joann's. I then glued the Jewels on the vases with a hot glue gun.

Now they look pretty just like this but I tied ribbon around mine.

That is it!

I put my vases on top of my DIY "Elegant Decor". I used this one at my desk for my pencils and pens.

I put this one in my bathroom and used it for our toothbrushes.

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