Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY Puppet Show Stage Box

When my husband and I bought Bri her power wheel car for her Birthday I knew I didn't want to throw the box away because I knew I could make something out of it. Ari and Bri always like to pretend and put on skits so I knew this big box would be great to make a Puppet Show Stage box out of it. I saw on Pinterest so many different ways that people came up with to make their own Puppet Show Stage boxes and got some ideas to make my own.
First I painted the front of the box black. I didn't paint the whole box because I didn't want to waste paint. If I make this again I would save the painting part for after I cut the box.

Then I taped all the flaps down on the top and inside the box.

Then on the back of the box (the side I didn't paint) I drew a opening and cut it out.

Then on the side of the box I painted, I took a small plate and drew out a pattern for the top of the Puppet Show Stage.

Then I drew a straight line across the box where I wanted the opening to start.

Then I cut along the pattern I made and the line to make the Stage opening.

Then I painted the top of it white, glued some fabric inside the box, and adding some letters to the front.

The girls couldn't wait to play in it and LOVED how it came out!!

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