Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Color Leaf Cookies

I have seen this idea in magazines and ALL OVER Pinterest for the past two years and I FINALLY was able to make it this year. This is so cute, fun, and easy recipe that you and the kiddos can make.

 First take any sugar cookie dough (store bought or homemade) and separate the dough into three pieces. Color pieces of dough red, orange, and yellow with food coloring. It is ok if you don't completely cover the dough with the color and some white still shows.

Give each child a piece of  the three colors of dough.

Have then push the color together to form a ball.

Then let the kiddos roll out the dough.

Give them the leaf cookie cutter and let them cut out as many leaves as they can.

Bake the cookies depending on the recipe you are using.

That's it!
The girls had fun with these cookies. They love to cook and bake so anytime I let them bake or cook they get happy!
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