Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY "Elegant Decor"

DIY " Elegant Decor"

I have been having this idea for this project in my head for months and I finally found time to make it and it came out better than I thought it would.

First I got these candle holders from dollar tree and glued them together. Then I spray painted them.

Then I strung some beads the length of the circle to put around it.

Then I strung two different size length beads to connect to the first one I strung so that they would dangle.

Then I hot glued the strung beads around the outer edge of the circle.

That is it.

I put my DIY "Bling Vases" on top of them and used this one at my desk for my pens and pencils.

This one I put in my bathroom for my toothbrushes.

You can use these also for candles or other things. Love how I can have a elegant look without spending a lot. You may also use these for serving trays or dessert trays but make sure you put napkin on it before you put the food because you want to protect the food from the paint you spray painted on it.

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