Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kid painted Leaf Waffles

This kid breakfast is also a fun Art activity for the kiddos.
All you need is some frozen waffles, milk, food coloring, leaf cookie cutters, and paint brushes. When using paint brushes buy a new pack and keep it in the kitchen and mark them for "FOOD ONLY". DO NOT USE THE SAME PAINT BRUSHES THAT YOU USE FOR ART PROJECTS AT HOME.

Pour a Tablespoon of milk into three little bowls and color them red, orange, and yellow with food coloring.

Lightly toast the waffles then give it to your kids to paint with the colored milk.

After they are done painting the waffles put the waffles in the toaster again to toast lightly.

Then give your children the leaf cookie cutter to cut out the leaf shape.

That's it!!

I love when I can make their food fun but also let them create it like an art project.

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