Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alphabet Apple Picking

I wanted to share this idea for teaching your child the alphabet with an Apple Theme. I found the idea on No Time For Flash Cards under the post title Alphabet Apple Tree and couldn't wait to create it for Bri to teach her the alphabet. (To see the original post just click on it's title) I love finding fun ways to teach Bri and if it can be adapted to the Theme of the week then I love it even better! Last month we were doing an "Apple Theme" for the month of September so when I saw this idea I couldn't wait to recreate for Bri. (If you like teaching your child in fun ways check out No Time For Flashcards she has so many fun and easy ways to teach your child)

The Materials you will need
  • Green Poster (in the post she just used green construction paper)
  • Large paper bag or brown packing paper
  • Paper Apple cut outs (Dollar Tree)
  • Contact paper
Cut the corners of the poster into a round shape for the top of the tree. Then cut your brown paper bag into a long strip for the trunk of the tree. Attach the pieces to the wall in the shape of a tree with tape. Cut off a piece of contact paper the length of the poster and attach it to the wall with tape over the poster with the sticky side of the contact paper facing out. I used two piece of contact paper one for the upper part of the poster board and another for the bottom part of the poster board. 

Next take the apple cutouts and write the uppercase alphabet on one side and the lowercase alphabet on the other side of the apple. Laminate the apple. ( I don't have a laminator so I just use the contact paper to laminate them) You want to laminate them in some way so apples will last for more than one time use. Then put your Apples on the tree.

Now it is time to play! You can play it several ways
  • You can have the child pick an apple and then tell you what the letter is before they put it in their basket.
  • You can do what I did with Bri since she doesn't know her letters yet I made a stack of paper cards and wrote letters on them and when I drew a card from the stack I would show her the card and say the letter and sound to her and then she had to go look for that letter apple and put it in her basket.
  • If your child knows their letters well you could have them pick the uppercase letters and make lowercase letter paper Apples or baskets for them to match once they pick the uppercase letter.

Bri really enjoy this learning activity in fact she ask me everyday after that if she can go Apple picking for her letters.

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