Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apple Hunt and Counting Activity

I love doing Learning Activities that can go with the theme of the seasons. I was glad when I came up with learning activity for my little one the other day. We are doing an Apple theme this week and I recently bought some small apples to use in our sensory bin and realize I could hide these around the house and have Bri go on an Apple hunt and then count them.

Materials you Need

  • Small apples (you can find these in the fake flowers isle in Wal-mart)
  • Party Tray with dividers ( Dollar Tree)
  • Tongs (Dollar Tree)
  • Paper (to write the numbers on)
  • Pen
  • Basket
First count how many apples you have so that when you hide them you know how many your child needs to find. Hide the apples in you house or outside and have your child go on a hunt for them. After they have found them all, have them count them to see if they found them all if they didn't let them know how much is left.

After your child has found all the apples set up you number tray. Write numbers on a piece of paper ( I just did number 1-10) and lay them in the tray dividers.

Then have your child use the tongs (which will help with their Fine Motor Skills) pick up the apples from the basket and place the right number of apples in the tray sections. My little one is still learning her numbers so I said the number to her and then had her count the right amount.

If your child can not use the tongs well yet or they got tired of using them (like mine did) you can just have your child pick the apples with their hands to count them out.

My little one really loved this activity. She loves any activity that has to do with hunting for something. You could also use this activity and change it up for the seasons. You could go hunting for little pumpkins, acorn, mini snowflakes, etc.

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