Saturday, October 12, 2013

Alphabet Pumpkin Hunt

This pumpkin learning activity is so easy but so much fun for the little ones. Bri loves to hunt for anything that is why she loves Easter because of the Easter egg hunts. So with some Pumpkin Foam cut outs I created this activity for her.

Materials you will need:

  • 26 Pumpkin Foam cutouts or paper Pumpkin cutouts (Target, Dollar tree, Walmart)
  • Basket
  • Sharpie or marker
First you want to write each letter of the alphabet on the pumpkins. Write the uppercase letter on one side and the lower case letter on the other side.

Then hide your pumpkins all over the house or outside. I made some easy to find and some hard to find because if I made them all to hard to find Bri would have got frustrated and not wanted to find them. Give your child their basket and tell them to go hunting!

She always gets excited to go hunting!

Once your child has found all the pumpkins ask him/her to put them in Alphabetical order. Bri doesn't know how to do this yet so I helped her. I would sing the alphabet song with her to remind her of what letter come next. If she didn't know what a letter look like I would help her find it. As we were going through the letter pumpkins she collected if one was missing we would go hunting for it. She actually found all the pumpkins the first time except two.

Once we put the letters in order, I then went over the letter with her and flipping them over so she would learn the uppercase and lowercase way the letter look.

I loved this activity because Bri enjoyed it and it was so easy to create for me!

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