Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cereal Morning Snack and Craft

I love it when I can give Bri a morning snack that also double as a fun activity. So the other morning Bri wanted dry cereal as a morning snack so as I was pouring her Apple Jacks I notice that they had the same colors as a Pumpkin and since we are learning about Pumpkins this week I thought I could use the cereal for a Pumpkin Activity. Then I remembered that when I used to work in the daycare we use to do a lot of cereal gluing crafts and then it hit me she could glue the cereal in the shape of a pumpkin. So we did.

Materials you will need:
Set up the materials and let your child eats some cereal first if they want to. Bri wanted to eat some first. LOL

Then give your child the glue and have them put glue all over the pumpkin.

Then add the cereal.

When they are finished they enjoyed a morning snack and craft all in one.

TIP: Bri's old Book club teacher told me that after a child does a cereal, bean, or pasta paste activity that to make the material stay glued on that you should go over it with some glue.

It will dry clear and the cereal with stay in place!

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